How to avoid food poisoning in hot weather?

From the Hospital La Candelaria de Tenerife we ​​are told that the high temperatures typical of the summer months favor the development of microorganisms that contaminate food and that when ingested, can lead to gastroenteritis, the most frequent produced by salmonella. These conditions are more serious in children because of the risk of dehydration. Washing … Read moreHow to avoid food poisoning in hot weather?

Home birth explained by Marina Fernández and Emilio Santos

Hypnotherapy and prenatal singing are techniques that help make the birth softer and favor the connection with the baby, as explained in this video Dr. Emilio Santos and matron Marina Fernández, both specialized, in addition, in the home birth, which they also talk about in this interesting video. Emilio and Marina wait for their daughter, … Read moreHome birth explained by Marina Fernández and Emilio Santos

World Cancer Day is celebrated today

Today, February 4 celebrates World Cancer Day, with the support of the International Union Against Cancer and the World Health Organization. As every year, means are promoted to alleviate the global burden of disease and prevent cancer and increase the quality of life of patients are recurring themes. This year, the Spanish Society of Medical … Read moreWorld Cancer Day is celebrated today

Luminotherapy to treat postpartum depression

One of the latest developments in the treatment of women affected by postpartum depression syndrome is luminotherapy. Light therapy involves the application of glasses called Luminette, presented in Belgium in August, that shed light directly on the retina to alleviate the effects of depression, stress or exhaustion. The effect of medications through breast milk can … Read moreLuminotherapy to treat postpartum depression