Children in the United States like and value television on the Internet more

Children in the United States like and value television on the Internet more

According to a report published in Kids screen and that we have seen referenced in Netflix Spain In the United States, children value television channels that are accessible on the Internet, such as Netflix, YouTube and Hulu, more than other children's channels. As you can see in the graph the most valued is YouTube With more than 90% acceptance and although it is a statistic for the United States, I do not rule out that something similar may be happening in Spain. Second is Netflix, with values ​​higher than 90%, which as we have commented in Spain it is still not possible to hire, without resorting to a VPN and outperforms other children's channels like Nickelodeon, Disney Channel o Cartoon Network.

The goal of television channels is to serve as entertainment and a source of learning for children. In that sense, both Netflix and YouTube offer content without ads and, in the case of YouTube, children can use it from a lot of mobile touch devices. Children look for other types of content, not just for entertainment, and they like to look for videos Minecraft, Of how beat games, the school to mathematics and also of music.


The key is how to resist a very fragmented market demand who wants content 24 hours of the day anywhere on the planet. The Netflix option seems appropriate because it is very well valued by customers and is that it offers, thanks to agreements with other producers, films and series of all ages, with an easy service that can easily handle both older and small. And besides these distributors have monthly flat rate which ensures that there is no need to download or copy from a disc to television and also you can see how many times you want.

Children are a very demanding audience and the goal is learn with them. The challenge is to ensure that content providers and distributors in Spain are encouraged to break the limited existing offer. I am convinced that new distribution mechanisms would be welcome in Spain and would help reduce downloads because, let's not forget, every time a child decides that he wants to see something and you have to look for it on the Internet is a roll, especially if there are services that, Like Netflix, they allow parents to simultaneously view content on one device, and the children can view different content on a tablet next to us in the living room.

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