Some so much and others so little … How much hair was your baby born?

Some so much and others so little … How much hair was your baby born?

If you have burning, it will be born with a lot of hair. It is only one of the best known myths of pregnancy, but in reality stomach acid has nothing to do with the amount of newborn hair. Some are born with a lot of hair, others are hairs … how much hair was your baby born with?

Do not think that if you are born bald or bald, you will have less hair when you grow up and neither does a populated mane of newborn ensure that you will have a lot of older hair. In general, what we can say is that newborn hair It is very fine, there is a lot or a little.

And since that first hair can end up falling to a large extent, we must not draw hasty conclusions, since it is even customary for baby hair color change It is usually very light or dark at first, but often it changes, darkens or lightens.

The fact that the hair is so thin at birth makes us not know if it will be straight or curly. As in color, this will depend on the genes of the parents, but it will take a while until it is clearly defined.

Another myth that usually accompanies the baby's hair is that it cannot be cut until it is one year old or, conversely, that it must be taken away so that it grows strongly. Nothing happens if you carefully cut the baby's hair.

The first haircut It can happen whenever you want, but thinking that the hair of newborns gives them enough body heat. For example, if it is cold, it may be convenient to wait until it passes to leave the head more clear. And, on the contrary, if it is very hot and the baby has a lot of hair, it will be cooler if we cut it.

On the other hand, shaving the head is not going to make the hair grow stronger although, yes, it may start to grow more evenly, since it is common for the little ones to become small “bald” in the part of behind the head (the occipital area) which is the one that has more time supported. In fact, it is usual to see hair on the sheets every day …

Recall that many babies are born with a finite hair, the lanugo, which ends up disappearing from the body, although it may cost more "hairy" ones. In some babies "hairs" this lanugo is confused with the hair of the head.

The period from birth to the lanugo at the end of the final hair it is uncertain, but approximately until the seventh or eighth month the hair is irregular; then it begins to be more constant, although some children take longer to grow their 8 hair, especially it is more noticeable in girls, whose hair is usually cut less).

Baby hair

What if it has milk crust?

When the transition occurs between the lanugo and the definitive hair, the “dreaded one” may appear milk crust, which is very common in infants. It's about a set of whitish or yellowish scabs that appear on the scalp or baby's eyebrows and are related to a skin disorder called seborrheic dermatitis.

However, milk crust is not worrisome and usually disappears in a few weeks without the need for treatment. It is only for the aesthetic concern of the parents that it is possible to soften the scabs to facilitate their fall, through specific creams or body oil of babies.

The cause is unknown, but it seems that there are genetic factors and other external factors that influence. It is probably due to excessive sebum production of hair follicles. The amount of baby's hair does not determine the appearance or not of the milk crust or the fact that we cut it or let it grow.

What can happen on some occasions is that babies with milk crust have some hair loss, although this usually grows back after the remission of the milk crust. Consult the pediatrician if you notice that the milk crust becomes more yellow, spreads or is associated with redness and itching.

In short, it is most likely that the newborn's hair looks little like the idea we had and what it will look like in a few years. And your baby, was he born with a lot of hair or with little? Did it change a lot when growing up? Surely they are beautiful now anyway …

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