Christmas gift guide: baby books

Christmas gift guide: baby books

In our tips for Christmas gifts, which is just around the corner, we will stop at the smallest of the house to surprise them (them or their parents) with some very special gifts. Is about special books for babies, a good Christmas gift for those who celebrate it for the first time.

It is also about books with surprise, like those we mentioned a few days ago, but if we then focused on children from two to six years old, in this case the books are for babies up to one year old. Cloth books, bathroom, music, his first photo album … will delight babies and parents who share beautiful moments together.

In addition, except the last selection that is actually a collection of eight books, the rest of the titles chosen for babies do not exceed 20 euros.

Book and CD with relaxation music for the baby

This book is ideal for baby relaxation thanks to music and advice for parents that indicate how to do relaxing massages and help them discover their body and motor skills while listening to the songs. Each song on the CD evokes a different universe (the garden, the sea, the forest, the mountain, the countryside) to wake the baby to the sounds of nature and animals.

Without a doubt, a perfect gift to enjoy in company and benefit from music as well as the skin-to-skin relationship between parents and the baby. This book-CD is published by SM editions, its author is Gilles Diederichs and its price is 12.80 euros.

Baby album

Baby album

An album to organize all the memories of the baby and its first months of life. With 44 pages to save, photos and memories from day one. An album with cloth spine and raffia ribbon illustrated with beautiful drawings and that includes little bags for the memories of when it grows and we cut the first strand of hair or later the first tooth falls … It also includes a meter, 4 postcards, a Card and stickers. I think it can be a nice gift for recent parents. It is Imaginarium and it costs 19'95 euros.

Look book with butterfly

Look at the baby!

Look!, of Ediciones SM, is a book designed for babies and younger children. It is also a book to share good times with the baby, who enjoys looking at the faces and hearing the voices of his parents. The book contains pictures of babies and simple texts to read. On the last page you have a space where we can put your picture to be recognized.

It is composed of a cardboard book of 14 pages and a fabric butterfly. The little one will like to touch and explore to discover the different sounds and textures that hide the wings of the butterfly. The book "Look at the baby" is from the Editorial SM and is recommended for babies up to 2 years. It costs 19.70 euros.

"Sleep, sleep my child"


"Sleep, sleep my child" It is a beautiful illustrated book that includes a CD with the most tender nannies. The lyrics of the lullaby and lullaby, together with the traditional skirt games, make this book a small treasure for babies who will be happy to participate in those songs and games. "Sleep, sleep, my child" is from Edebé Publishing House and costs 21'84 euros.

Pocoyo bathroom books

Pocoyo water book

Pocoyo's bathroom book, by Timun Mas Infantil. Maybe the baby still does not know Pocoyo, although from an early age they are attracted to the blue color that characterizes the character. Anyway, for bath time what matters is that the book is aquatic and if it tells us about the sea and its inhabitants, the better. This is what we found in "Pocoyo and the water", although there is also the version of "Pocoyo and his toys". The Pocoyo's bathroom books They cost 6'95 euros.

Sweet dreams

Sweet dreams

"Happy dreams" is a book-pillow which includes beautiful popular babysitters. A very soft padded book to read or sing babysitters before sleeping. It has two ties, one to close the book and another of which hangs a duckling cloth, which can serve as a bookmark, but above all it will serve for the baby to play with him trying to catch it. Is a Imaginarium book and it costs 18'50 euros.

Baby Zebra and her mom


In this cloth book the baby will be able to follow the story of the zebra baby and his mother, who are happily after being lost. It is a book stamped with the shape of the dinner, to enjoy the beautiful illustrations and the soft touch of its pages. “Zebra baby and her mom” It is from Heinemann publishing house and costs 10'50 euros.

Accordion tales with music

Accordion books

This collection consists of 8 stories, designed for the little one to learn enjoying. Each one is carried out by an endearing character: a washerwoman, a nice little goat, a mother who accompanies her son who goes to sleep with his voice or a very movable horse. Illustrated with colorful drawings, each book is presented in an original accordion drop-down format, very comfortable for the child's manipulation.

It is printed on plasticized cardboard, which facilitates cleaning and makes it very resistant. It also includes a CD with 10 songs that with a soft voice accompanied by music interprets the stories of the stories. The CD includes 10 children's songs and is presented in an original plasticized box. It is edited by Baby book and it costs 32 euros.

In addition, we remind you that there is the possibility of giving these <a href = ”gift boxes, boxes with an assortment of baby books. We hope this Christmas gift selection with baby books and for recent parents I have given you good ideas, and soon we will return with new gifts for the little ones on these very special dates.

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