Prepare a scary Halloween party with our Hunting Bargains

Prepare a scary Halloween party with our Hunting Bargains

Halloween is coming and there are many people who have fun with their children in disguise to celebrate it and decorate the home with various reasons for so many things that children are so amazed. Many of the things that serve to prepare such a party can be done at home, but many others are better if we buy them, and we can pull them too if we are late and don't have time to prepare them ourselves.

That's why this week, in our Hunting bargains weekly we give you a few ideas to prepare a scary Halloween party with makeup, decoration and little things to prepare something to eat differently.

Paint and makeup


  • If you want a little of everything, with this makeup set you can paint a few children of different things, because it carries everything essential. You can get it at Amazon at a price of 18,20 €.

  • If instead you want something more concrete, such as latex for older children, and prepare wounds or hanging skin, you can get the Latex kit What is there in Amazon por 12,77 €.


  • To have a guide on how to do it, in The English Court you have book Makeup For Halloween And Other Horror Parties, for just € 5,65.

  • And if you want blood, directly blood, here you have a spray To paint the children. It's in Amazon and has a price of € 8,45.


Assorted Door Decoration 76 X 152 Cms 7822

  • To decorate the house a little you can do with this assortment with which to decorate the doors of the house. You have it in LiveFiestas and has a price of only € 1,71.

  • As you can not miss the web, you can also get in LiveFiestas a bag of 10 grams of cobweb for € 0,50.


  • And where are the children going to take their candy or whatever they want to take with them when they play among them? In The English Court you have a plastic pumpkin for this, for € 2,95.


  • If what you are looking for is more a kit with varied decoration, in Amazon you have is consisting of three garlands and 10 balloons for € 12,93.

Making food for Halloween

Pasta cutters

  • Finally, to make food with terrifying appearance we have these pasta cutters with shapes, to make baked cookies with different shapes. You have them in Amazon at a price of 7,96 €.


  • If you want to do something bigger, like a cake, with this mold You will have a magnificent pumpkin to decorate to your liking and cut into pieces to distribute to children. You also have it in Amazon and the price is € 9,49.

X5 Wilton Bone Mold

  • Another mold to make 5 bones at the same time is this one that costs 8,50 € and that you can find in ArtCakesMadrid.

Skeleton Cutters Set

  • Also to make pasta, and that combined make a skeleton, you have this cutter set that they will surely be very funny about eating different parts of the whole figure. You have it in María Lunarillos and has a price of € 8,30.

Finally, we leave you with another Hunting bargains of our partners of Decosphere, which this week have also sought offers to decorate the house on Halloween.

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