Every Star Wars fan’s dream: find out you’re going to have a baby with Darth Vader

Every Star Wars fan’s dream: find out you’re going to have a baby with Darth Vader

One of the most mythical and emblematic phrases in the history of cinema is the "I am your father" that Darth Vader tells Luke Skywalker in the movie "The Empire Strikes Back", so surely for every Star Wars fan it would be an honor, or a dream, that one of the world's best-known parents was one of the first in congratulating him because he will be a father for the first time.

This is what happened to this fan of the saga: he learned that he was going to be a father with Darth Vader and two imperial soldiers.

"You are his father"

The name of the future dad is Bryan Starr, and he was spending a nice day at Disney with his partner when they stopped to see a small representation of Star Wars. Then they made him believe that they were going to have a detail with him for being a big fan of the saga and what his wife had prepared happened: photos with Darth Vader and the imperial soldiers and, in between, a gift that would reveal the surprise of pregnancy.

It all ends with the congratulation of all of them in some photos and a video that Bryan will always remember, although with the feeling of those who see him that Missing “You are his father” by Darth Vader (better than an "I am his father", which would have been very funny as well but less true). I guess the voice may not accompany the character or look, the boy behind the mask did not occur.

In any case, a surprise that surely all fans would want to live (or have lived) at the moment they learn that In a few months they will be able to tell their baby “Yoooo soyyyy tu padreeee”.

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