How to relieve infant colic

How to relieve infant colic

A few days ago we saw that they exist doubts about the effectiveness of probiotics to relieve colic, although investigations in this regard continue, just as other solutions are sought for this process that both baffles and worries parents.

Medical specialists recommend reassuring parents, who should know that the child is in good health and that Infant colic is a transient process that disappears spontaneously with age. Only with this advice are sometimes achieved that the crying episodes diminish, since if the parents are calm they have more resources to cope with them.

And is that the attitude of parents to colic is fundamental: as far as possible we must accompany the children in their tears, let them see that we are there, without falling into nervousness.

They also give others tips to relieve colic, such as picking up the baby in the arms, cradling it, or sharing the baby's time with other family members. All these actions have shown some efficacy in relieving the symptoms of infant colic.

In the blog we have seen others tricks to relieve infant colicAs apply heat to the baby's triplet, lie next to them, make them soft massages in the belly that help expel the gases …

Trying to keep the baby from having gas, breastfeeding in a proper posture or the bottle with a correct technique, can also be effective, as well as eliminating excitement such as theine or caffeine from the mother's diet. We can try to get the baby to remove the gases after each intake, incorporating them a little or by gently touching the back.

It is also convenient to foresee the moment of colic (usually in the afternoon) and prepare a relaxing environment, a bath, soft music, a walk … which reassures the baby.

There are those who point out that tips to relieve colic they are “distraction” strategies for parents, since there is nothing that helps to reduce the crying of babies.

But there is evidence that some of these methods to relieve infant colic They do work, so you have to try what is best for our baby, and above all have patience and comfort them in what we can until the tears subside after a few weeks.

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